Period:June 19-21, 2008

           Place: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

           Exhibition Area:80,000m2 

URL: http://www.e99999.com


     Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC


     Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE)

     Shenzhen E-Dowell Industrial Co., Ltd 


     China semiconductor Association

     Shenzhen E-Dowell Industrial Co., Ltd

     Shenzhen Association of the Optics &Optoelectronic


     Shenzhen E-Dowell Industrial Co., Ltd 

 E-Dowell attaches extremely importance to the service for the exhibitors.Using 80% of our resource to serve the professional buyers.E-Dowell set up www.e99999.com which is one of the large-scale database platform in 2002.

 All exhibitors who had attended our E-Dowell Electronic Exhibition can get yours own type dynamic trade website for free within one year.

 Currently,e99999.com had successfully actived in field of B2B with many  multinational corporations such as BOE?Absen?TOP?KSS,ITM,ASM?Ledman?Guangdong Fenghua Hi-Tech,Philips?NSK?Hans-Laser?Qingdao Sanying.They had received massive RFQ ordering online.

 Our exhibition&website had provided an additional value uploading information of exhibitors and buyers to e99999.com after last exhibition.The success of e99999.com was symbolized that DEX has completed one qualitative leap in the service of exhibition. 

 The latest  DEX  buyers database shows that there were over 200 of the Top-500 international enterprises which had visited and purchased in DEX Electronic Exhibition,such as IBM?Epson?HP? Philips?SEI?Siemens?Ericsson?GM?GE?Samsung?Panasonic?ASM?Sanyo etc. 92% of Top-100 electronic enterprises in China came to DEX Electronic Exhibition to purchase, such as Huawei Technologies?ZE?Haier ?Foxconn? TCL ?Galanz?Changhong?Lenovo? Skyworth?Konka?Putian(China)?Zhenhua Electronics Co.,Ltd?Gansu Languang Science & Technology Co., Ltd?BYD?HEDY?Kejian,etc. In specially, the total visitors and buyers from Huawei Technologies,ZE and Foxconn have over 300 persons/time.


  All the above information can be searchable in the Buyer’s column in http://www.e99999.com/. 

 March of 2002,DEX Electronic Exhibition which is organized by Shenzhen E-Dowell Industry Co.,Ltd was listed as one of the largest and most supported exhibition by China Ministry of Information Industry,Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC,Chinese Institute of Electronics(CIE),Shenzhen People’s Government.August of 2004,the DEX Electronic Exhibition organized by E-Dowell was classified one of “the top-ten exhibitions of Shenzhen”.In Nov,2005,DEX Electronic Exhibition was awarded the prized of “the Best Representative of 25 years Development in Shenzhen City”.


One of the biggest national scale of specialized International Photoelectric Display(China)Exhibition(The exhibition area 80,000 square meters)

      Scopes of Exhibition

1. Optical elements, optical materials

2. Optical instruments, optical equipments

?.LED semiconductor illumination

1. LED chip,epitaxial wafers,epitaxy growth and relevant base materials

2. LED and the high efficiency component, LED package and supporting materials

3. LED lattice module, nixie tube, control systems, IC

4. LED display screen, LED back photosource,LED illumination and application

5. LED processing technology: The packing machine, the silicone resin seal, the dispersion of light color scanner, the wire solder machine, the measuring instrument, the solid crystal machine, dries the oven and so on

?.The panel display device and supporting product

1. LCD panel, module train, LCD display screen and LCD display screen and LCD processing equipments

2. Back photosource


 Simultaneously Hold:

2008 international electronic equipments and electronic components (China) fair


Move Out  :   16:00--22:00, June 21 th , 2008 

       Exhibition Charge 

Exhibition Charge(At least 18 square meters for open area) 


Include one table, tow chairs, tow lamps, one power socket  

The position standard disposition


      Fire light

Exhibition board

3m, two chair, 220v/10A, one socket, one table

Advertisement on the Show Directory Film for advertisement which should be at the size of W210mm X H285mm supplied by the exhibitors. 



Please fills in the participation contract, and send remittance for booth renting as follows within 7 days, and fax the credence to us,thanks

Remittance Address Beneficiary:

Shenzhen E-Dowell Industry Co., Ltd

Bank Name:Industrial and Commercial Bank,

Shenzhen Bay Branch

Account No.: 4000027719200016455

Shenzhen E-Dowell Industry Co., Ltd

E-MAIL: lq@e99999.com

MSN: tinalee1850@hotmail.com


Contact Person: Tina Lee

Mobile: 86-13682661850 

??Invitation to buyers

  We can solve problem if there are lack of matchable buyers and hard to find the products what they inquired during the exhibition after only going back with disappointment and depression.

1?To put over 80% of our strength in attracting professional buyers

  Over 7 Years of hard working in organizing and collecting professional buyers informations,E-Dowell Company now has owned a huge database of buyers. Over 500,000 of tickets will be sent out by mail, and presented as gifts.We invited professionals for participations and procurement in the fair.

2?To set up an information service department to organize visitors

  E-Dowell established the information service department in August, 2001, which specialized to collect industry and buyers informations.The department will invite those professionals and experts to join the fairs through kinds of channels.We are doing the best to improve the quality of the fair.

3?Brochure Delivery before the exhibition

  We collected all the information about our exhibitors, such as: Products, Booth number, and their contact detail on a brochure. We sent large quantities postmails to buyers before one month the fair commence, so as to reduce the blindness of purchasing.

4?We invites your relevant buyers to you!

  All our exhibitors will request to fill in a form to state  what type of buyers they are looking for in advance. We then invite them to participate and procure in the exhibitions.

??After-fair Service

  All the exhibitors who took part in our DEX Electronic Exhibition can obtain a large-scale dynamic trade website for free in www.e99999.com and you can use it free until May of 2009.


Many ways of propaganda will be used to popularize the fair.

1Newspapers & Periodicals: China Electronics, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Dongguan Daily, Shenzhen Commercial Daily, Electronic Components, Component Express etc.

2 Professional Media:Global Optoelectronics Techniques,FPDisplay Times, International Printed Circuit & Optoelectronics Display,Electronic Technology,EDN electronic design technology, Global photoelectric and display,International Electronic Business,Found Resources,Laser World,compound semiconductor and optoelectronic technology, international photoelectric and display,photographic equipment, lighting accessories,Optoelectronic Technology,China lighting,China Led Special, international cable connection technology,electrobuyer, INFORMATION DISPLAY,LED technology,international LED manufacturers,LED World, Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing,photoelectric technology,LED manufacturers,LED Display,Eastlighting,Austria LED Professional,China Electronics,Guangdong electronic,Shenzhen electronic,export resources,Unicom Yellow Page,China Big Yellow Pages,China Electronic Manufacturers List,Shenzhen&HK&Macao Yellow Pages etc.

3TV Channel: CCTV, Phoenix TV, Guangdong TV, Shenzhen TV, Dongguan TV etc.

4?Web: made-in-china.com, http://www.alibaba.com/

http://www.hc360.com/, http://www.bjx.com.cn/, http://www.smt.cn/, http://www.exhibition.com/, http://www.jicheng.net.cn/, cn.fpdisplay.com, http://www.segem.com.cn/, http://www.ledzx.com/ www.GlobalSources.com www.lightingchina.com www.eccin.com www.fpdisplay.com www.allproducts.com www.cnopt.com www.gglchina.com www.ledcac.com www.chinesevacuum.com www.cofol.com www.ledworld.com www.opticsjournal.net www.hqew.com www.b2s.com www.ecvv.com www.unsbiz.com www.ledgb.com www.ledhp.com www.zl360.com www.szonline.net

5 Exhibition Express: During the exhibition period, reporting market news, information of suppliers and guiding exhibitors how to achieve good obvious results on the fair. The Express will be sent to buyers together with the visiting ticket.

6?Outdoor Advertising:Advertisement will be promote   the electronic market in Shenzhen and Dongguan (such as Saige Electronic Components Market,Bao’an Electronic City etc.),at the customs station and on the traffic main artery before the Exhibition commence.

??Never Ringing-down Fair on Internet


  www.e99999.com is an efficient channel to communicate between exhibitors and clients who can achieve to direct interchange for each other online. It is actually an electronic business platform with strong functions and powerful supports.

Exhibition important buyers sorts:

First,manufacturers of communications: mobile phones, notebook computers, telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, mobile phone, video phone,etc.
Second,manufacturers of household appliances: LCD TV, plasma TV, digital sound / video equipment, television sets, air conditioners, microwave ovens, VCD, DVD, personal stereo, MP4,music center, car stereos, washing machines, digital cameras, various small appliances,etc.
Third,electronics manufacturers: Display,Color-display supporting, automotive displays, DVC / DSC, circuit boards, switching power supply, precision instrumentation, integrated circuits, printed circuits, surface mount precision machinery, optical communications, optical, electrical, LCD materials,etc.
Fourth,comprehensive manufacturers: lamps, toys, medical equipment, projection equipment, touch screen, automotive electronics, heat preservation products, camera makers, refrigeration (compressor, condenser, etc.), precision machinery, watches, glasses, cars, motorcycles spare parts, plastic, metal processing, printing, chemicals, jewellery, textiles, medical, military, scientific research, aerospace engineering, and other key agencies, businesses: chains, trade, wholesale, large-scale distributors,research institutes,R&D centres, the IT sector, financial self-help system,banking,and securities software companies, commercial retail enterprises,IT industries and enterprises,trade companies,financial institutions,government and public institutions,social groups,industry associations and commercial organizations.