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3 step`s to the right LED
LED Colors
It becomes Light
Color temperature K
Color nm
Luminous intensity cd
Luminous flux lm
Illuminance Lux
Luminance L
The Photon

Color Temperature Kelvin

The "mood" of the light

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The color temperature is indicated in Kelvin (K) and is of one of the most important factors for the LED buyer to found out, with which light its LEDS in the future will illuminate its living room, working place or garden.
The mood of the light Since we know that white is not equal to white, we use this unit to indicated white LEDs, because they don´t have an exact wavelength. The warmth white is as well known no color, but a total "reflection" of all spectral colors of the light.

The color temperature one can understand oneself therefore quite well as "the mood" of the light.

A warm soft light, which a campfire or a candle radiates, produces another "mood" than e.g. the midday sun, the full moon or a fluorescent tube.

At the beginning each LED buyer should place itself the question: Which "mood" I would like to produce?

Do I need a strong, hard light around e.g. for a sculpture; Do I wish the same "mood" as my old bulb produce or do I need a soft but strong light for my bedside table. But how do I find the correct "mood" now?

Color temperature

The color temperature is a reference value!

Source of light / Color temperature
Candela 1.500 K
Bulb (40 W) 2.680 K
Bulb (60 W) 2.200 K
Bulb (100 W) 2.800 K
Bulb (200 W) 3.000 K
Halogen lamp, fluorescent tube
(warm white) 3.000 K
Fotolamp Typ B, Halogen lamp 3.200 K
Fluorescent tube (cold white) 4.000 K
Xenon-Lamp, Lightbow 4.500-5.000 K
Morning sun / Evening sun, 5.000 K
Late morning sun / Early evening sun 5.500 K
Electro flash 5.500-5.600 K
Midday sun, Cloudy 5.500-5.800 K
Daylight lamp 5.600-7.000 K
Blue Sky 9.000-12.000 K
Twilight, blue hour 10.000 K
How does this reference value achieved?
The color is the comparison of a black glowing titanium body(therefor, color temperature). Black has the temperature of 0 K (-273°C). Easily heating up the body he radiates within the infrared range. That´s the reason for it is that we can not recognize the heat development with the naked eye. UV light is swallowed by the eye lens. Color temperature Tafel erstellt von Hr.Torge Anders alias Benutzer:DiplomBastler With a further heating a body can accept the colors red, yellow, white and even blue.

If thus for a white LED, a color temperature of 8 000 K is indicated, that is called nothing different, that a titanium body would have to be heated up to 8 000 K, in order to radiate this "color". 8.000 K would be a cold white-blue color. (see above graphic)

With white LEDS it is natural no reflection, but an output of all spectral colors (either by a mixture of several colors or by a partial transformation of blue into yellow light).

                                       Weiße Leds

The international standard amount for middle sunlight (late morning and/or afternoon) is 5,500 Kelvin


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