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3 step`s to the right LED
LED Colors
LED Design
LED color temperature K
LED Colors nm
LED Luminus itensity cd
LEDLuminus flux lm
LED Illuminance Lux
LED Luminance L
LED Livespan
LED Luminescence
The Photon
It becomes Light
LED Current
LED Resistance
LED Producer
LED Distributor

LED Fun Stuff

Here you find all POSSIBLE and IMPOSSIBLE things what you can do with LEDs.
The days of the monotonous lighting are counted.
Here some remarkable examples!

Night surf pukas surfboards

LED Surfer

LED Skateboard

LED Feuerwerk. Dieses Video besitzt zwar eine schlecht Qualität, jedoch das Gezeigte, finden wir sehr interessant!

Wir können nur sagen TOLL! LED-"Origami" in der Wohnbeleuchtung wird in Zukunft sicher noch eine wichtige Rolle spielen. IQ-Light

Dieses Video hat zwar eine schlechte Qualität, zeigt jedoch wie robust LEDs sind. Für Party-Bier-Cooler mit Eis, könnte man ja auch die kleine LED z.B. in einen großen Eimer (Kübel) einfrieren ;)

LED Flugdrache

LED Flugmodell

LED Snow Board & LED SKIS

LED Snow Board & LED SKIS

LEDs und Feuerwerk: Was passiert, wenn man Kites mit Super-LEDs und Feuerwerk in den Nachthimmel steigen lässt?

Spinning LED-Ball (RGB)

LED Kites

LED Snow Board

Hair Gel + LED - Light

Hair Gel + LED - Light - The funniest home videos are here

LED PC modding / LED PC tuning

Night Heli

Led Nunchaku



LED Bicykle

LED FAN with Temperature


LED afterburner

LED Art or LED Fun or LED Artfun? Tenori-On

A LED fan with class!

A horny thing for LED biker

LED Car fans watch out!

Do you have TIME?

LED Miraball....for advertisements or fun.

LED Miraball

If all "home growers" would use LEDs.... one imagine the energy saving!

Move with LED light...

Yes,.....dance, dance, dance....

Dogs and cat lovers watched out!

Prost! Salut! Cheers! Sante! Itomalando!

A nice LED watch

A LED fan for hot nights

LED gyro


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