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3 step`s to the right LED
LED Colors
It becomes Light
Color temperature K
Color nm
Luminous intensity cd
Luminous flux lm
Illuminance Lux
Luminance L
The Photon

Luminance L (cd : m²)

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The luminance (L) of a light source indicates, = which luminous intensity (CD) from a certain surface (A in m²) is radiated, into the surrounding area. It is a measure, how brightly we feel a certain light source ore how this light source dazzle us.

L = cd : m²

Brightness of the perception
• mesopischen seeing: ~0,003-0,03 cd/m²
bis ~3-30 cd/m²
• photopischen seeing (Day seeing):
über ~3-30 cd/m²
• Eye repletion: from ~100.000-1.000.000 cd/m²
(The eye is hurting here)
Light source
• Bulb 100W: ~10.000.000 cd/m²
• CRT display white: ~80...100 cd/m²
• CRT display black: fractional < 0,01 cd/m²
• TFT white: ~150...300 cd/m²
• TFT black: ~0,15...0,8 cd/m²
Brightness of the sky
• Middle clear sky: 8000 cd/m²
• Middle covered sky: 2000 cd/m²
• Night sky with fullmoon: 0,1 cd/m²
• starry night sky: 0,001 cd/m²
• covered night sky: 1...100 x 10h6 cd/m²
Area brightness of irradiance
• Sun at noon: 1600 x 10h6 cd/m²
• Solar disc on the horizont: 6 x 10h6 cd/m²
• Opal bulb 60 W: 120 x 103 cd/m²
• T8 cold white fluoreszenz tube: 11 x 10h3 cd/m²
• Outdoor LED Video screen: 5 x 10h3 cd/m²
• Surface of the moon: 2,5 x 10h3 cd/m²
• Green elektrolumineszente light source: 30 cd/m²
• Yellow elektrolumineszente light source: 60 cd/m²
1600 x 10h6, means:
You have to add six 0 to the number
1600 x 10h6 = 1.600.000.000 cd/m²
Who fought out itself by the previous chapters and understood everything will play itself with the luminance . The most important characteristic of the brilliance is:

The smaller the surface of a light source with a certain luminous intensity radiates
the more strongly appears it us.

The luminance is very important for monitores That means, if we look exactly e.g. from some distance in the filament of a bulb with the same luminous intensity as a fluorescent tube, the bulb seems to us much more brightly, as the fluorescent tube.
To bring order into this "apparent" antagonism the luminance was introduced, because e.g. with monitors (the future becomes, each bet, which oLEDs displays), this "radiation brightness", is one of largest importance for an optimal image quality.
The illuminance indicates, which quantity of visible light (light-current lm) from a certain surface is radiated.
For this still said, if we would now indicate the surface of the sun, it would be a senseless venture. Therefore one still divides radiating bodies into apparent and genuine surfaces. The sun becomes thus an apparent circular area.



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