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3 step`s to the right LED
LED Colors
It becomes Light
Color temperature K
Color nm
Luminous intensity cd
Luminous flux lm
Illuminance Lux
Luminance L
The Photon


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In the chapter, colors and color temperature we already heard that there are two possibilities to produce white light. Here is the second variant:

Pastellfarben mit LEDsOne takes one blue or also a UV emitting LED, sets her under a yellow luminescence colorimeter (photoluminescence). Thus we
k o m b i n a t e
the colorimeter with the short-wave, high-energy blue light to animate the colorimeter to radiate.

Blau & Gelb = Weiß

The radiation of the colorimeter is now a longer-wave, energy-poorer yellow light. But not the entire blue light is converted, therefor the resulting color blending is the "color" white.

If we combinate now a UV LED with several different colorimeter, red, green, blue, we receive white.
These LEDS have very good color reproduction characteristics, are however more expensively in production and not so productive in the luminous efficiency.

Farben But with this method we can produce colors which with a "normal" LED would not be producible. Magenta e.g. we produce with a blue LED which we combinate with a red luminescence colorimeter. When using different colorimeter we can cover thus also all colors within pastel the range and produce many gradations of soft white tones.

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