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What is a Throwie?

Throwies are particulars or several LEDS directly connected with a small button cell battery to operated.
The battery becomes direct and without resistance between the Anode(+ = long leg) and the cathode (- = short leg) fastened with an tape. The positive pole of the battery must lie on the anode (+). Because the LED begins immediately to shine it is sometimes advisable to insert a plastic stripe (z.B. cut a plastic bottle ) between battery and anode and one between anode and tape, so that no current can flow. Now we can easily, if the Throwie becomes in use, pull out the plastic stripe between battery and anode and our Throwie begins to shines. In order to sticking to metal, we recommend to use a neodymium magnet with is fastened again with a further tape. In addition, every other magnet is usable.
Nachtthrowie Plasticine, double-sided tapes or also the male side of a Velcro® offers interesting areas of application to no metal surfaces.
You can build yourself also a Throwie with a "night circuit".Evil Mad Scientist shows you how it works out.
Important: The battery must possess the necessary voltage to the used LED it otherwise does not shine. Also several button cells with minus at pluses can be connected together to achieve a higher voltage. With to high voltage, the LED "burns" or the life span through shortens drastically.

LED color
1,9 V
2,1 V
2,2 V
3,4 V
3,5 V

3 step`s zur richtigen LED
LED Farben
Es werde LED Licht
LED Farbtemperatur K
Farben nm
LED Lichtstärke cd
LED Lichtstrom lm
Die Lumen/Watt Effizienz
LED Beleuchtungsstärke Lux
CRI Farbwiedergabeindex
LED Leuchtdichte L
Das Photon
LED Lumineszenz
LED Bauformen
LED Strom
LED Vor - Widerstand
LED Lebensdauer
LED Erzeuger
LED Distributoren

LED Throwies

"Make Throwies not Bombs"
is perhaps a good rewriting for which this new trend stands
Throwies, say it with light!

Bring color into your life! This kind of modern graffiti looks cool and does not worries the neighbor.
(We are not sure about this :o))
These lights for throwing stick to each magnetic surface and leave a multicolored shining picture at the wall or where ever you would like.

Graffiti Research Lab: So it starts... long time ago


LED Throwies in Switzerland. THROWIES WRITER

LED Throwies in L.A. .Bring light to Skid Row! Think about, it could also happen to you...

LED Trowies in AUSTRIA: In Linz beginnt´s!

LED Throwies in Switzerland. A lot of Throwies.

LED Throwies in VIENNA. Is Vienna getting the Nr. 1 in light Art? Michael & Floh... Go for it!!!

LED Throwies in USA. Flying Throwies.


LED Throwies in Germany, Hanover

LED Throwies in London

LED Throwies in Milwaukee

LED Throwies in Toulouse

LED Throwies in Australia

LED Throwies in USA

LED Throwies in Miami, USA

Just do it!

How to make a LED Throwie.


LED 5mm blau 14.000mcd - 10 Stück LED 10mm blau 5 Lumen - 10 Stück
LED 5mm gelb (amber) 30.000mcd - 10 Stück LED 10mm gelb 8 Lumen - 10 Stück
LED 5mm grün 24.000mcd - 10 Stück LED 10mm grün 15 Lumen - 10 Stück
LED 5mm orange 6.000mcd - 10 Stück
LED 5mm pink 1.500mcd - 100 Stück
LED 5mm rot 14.000mcd - 10 Stück LED 10mm rot 9 Lumen - 10 Stück
LED 5mm weiß 25.000mcd - 10 Stück LED 10mm weiß 11 Lumen - 10 Stück
LED 5mm Rainbow (langsam) - 10 Stück
LED 5mm Rainbow (schnell) - 10 Stück

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