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3 step`s to the right LED
LED Colors
It becomes Light
LED Color temperature K
Color nm
LED Luminous intensity cd
LED Luminous flux lm
LED Illuminance Lux
LED Luminance L
The Photon
LED Semiconductor
LED Luminescence
LED Design
LED Current
LED Resistance
LED Livespan
LED Producer
LED Distributor

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Dear customer! If you want to advertise in, eu and de we offer LED companies the following possibilities:

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In our INFO sites:
 1 x advertising banner @ info sites 300 x 150 (jpg, GIF) with link to your company homepage
 Company logo 150 x 50 (jpg,Gif) in our producer or distrtibutor site with a link to your company homepage... € 296,--

Each further banner on info site... € 160,--

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 1 x advertising banner @ info site 300 x 150 (jpg, GIF) with link to your company homepage
 Company logo 150 x 50 (jpg,Gif) @ our producer or distrtibutor site with a link to your company homepage... € 464,--

Each further banner @ info site... € 160,--
Each further banner @ start site... € 390,--

Special request:
 Bigger banner advertisement, Flashanimationes, Gifanimationes. Asking price.

The prices of the company entries apply to an annual subscription. Net prices are indicated. Please consider our AGB.


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